About Avadhanam

Dr. Medasani Mohan composes the poem relating to ancient ethics, Ramayana and Mahabharatha aesthetically and also equally composes the verses on day to day social affairs.  Though the Rithvick “Aprasthutha Prasingi         More>>>>




People Voice

The style which is unique of Dr. Medasani Mohan and the expression evoke very inquisitive aspects of life. One feels, it is sheer gift of Goddess Saraswathi conferred on him with his birth. ....... Padmasree Puttaparthi Narayanacharyulu                        More>>>>    




Started avadhanam as 10th class student(1971) (Appreciated by many as child prodigy.. eg; the then M.L.C late P.Rajagopala Naidu..chittor)    More>>>>



Yarlagada Rajyalakshmi Venkanna Award 1986,Madras.   Presented by Dr.Bejjawada Gopal  Reddy, ex-governer of Uttar Pradesh